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What Is The Secret Behind Authentic Self-Branding?

Just ask yourself this question - Am I born to make a difference or am I born to co-exist? If you call yourself unique, different, authentic or special, then my friend, you and I are sailing in the same boat.

Wanting to be different is every entrepreneur's wish and the biggest secret behind being a unique brand is being a "nonconformist".

So what does "being a nonconformist" mean? It goes deeper into being sure of the way we do things without having to conform to what everyone else does.

Having a creative mindset fuels a thought process that makes us want to do a task differently but then, what stops us from doing it? Its the influence of how others do it. For example, "my friend works in a 9-5 job and earns a 6 figure income, so if I also get a full-time job I will earn that much too!" or "We have been following this process for years and we continue doing so because that is the rule."

We have been taught to follow the norms, go with the system or just mirror what the other person is doing. We have been conditioned to work based on the demands of our culture and background, thus making us believe that this is the "right" way of doing it.

In my initial years of working, little did I know that being different and doing things differently, would actually make me position myself as an authentic brand.

When I was in my fulltime job I was told that there is only a single way of solving a problem when actually there were a million ways to do so. It is just that the person making you do it in a particular way has been exposed to just that.

We have an amazing skill of branching out and thinking beyond what's been heard and I am sure you would agree with that. It is in us to be nonconformists if we really need to make a difference in the world.

Coming to the decisions we make in life. Everyone has their own priorities to work with.

Some people are career-oriented, some would love to start a family.

Some would like to live a materialistic lifestyle, some would like to go minimal.

Some would prioritize traveling and some would just like to sit at home and watch Netflix.

Each one of us has something that we want to achieve and a vision of how to live a life.

Understanding the power of being an authentic personal brand goes deeper into the roots of how we believe in certain things. How we relate to a thought process that allows us to think in a certain way. We just got to embrace it.

So here are 5 strong points that you should consider if you are venturing into the world of self-branding! They have worked wonders for me and I continue following them as we speak.

1. Break the rules!

2. Hygienic self-marketing

3. Tell your story

4. State your opinions

5. Follow your gut.

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Cheers, D

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