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What Does Your Presence Include?

We have all heard this many times - "go make your presence felt." Have you really taken time out to ponder over this sentence and understanding why is it something that we use so often?

The world is like a movie and we all have a role to play in it. Having said that, your Presence is what defines your role in this world. What are you really here for? What makes you in demand? Why would people want to associate themselves with you?

It is simple: It is how you Design Your Presence!

Presence doesn't mean just the visual aspect of yourself, there is a mix of your thought processes, beliefs, and values that are also included in how you present yourself.

Let's list out the different aspects of your presence :

I talk about each aspect of your Presence in detail, in EP008 of the DYP Podcast


1. Self-realization

2. Your Values

3. Your Mission

4. Your Vision

5. Who Are You Serving?

6. Your Story

7. Your Expertise

8. Confidence To Create

9. Strategies in Branding & Marketing

10. Your Visual Presence

Your presence is like oxygen for your existence and that is what makes you stand out in your industry. When you own the power to lead as a confident player in your industry, you automatically place yourself at a level at which people can trust you.

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