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Tips for a good Work-Life Balance

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

There's a quote by Dolly Parton that I truly believe in - "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life". Having said that, the kind of lifestyle we lead today we really need to make a balancing act between work and life. In my soft skills trainings, people have asked me,"how do you prioritise work when there's so much to do at home?"

I have had so many people also asking me how do I do it with some many things on my plate. Here's my answer - If you love what you do, you will find a way! Its as simple as that.

"Why not make time work for you?"

I have 5 essential tips that could work for you! Read on.

1. Exercise & Meditate : 24 hours make a day, keeping 7-8 hours for sleep you are left with 16 hours. In that much time you could use an hour to get some exercise in and about 5-10 mins for some headspace. Exercising can be anything - a walk in the neighbourhood, a group fitness class like Zumba or Pound Fitness where you just go sweat it out with your friends or even a quick home workout. Its not about the time in hand, but more about the willingness of staying healthy that needs to come in. You feel recharged post a workout and a session of meditation and, voila!! all that clutter in your head just vanishes in thin air!

2. Plan your day in advance : No doubt life is all about being flexible and accepting last minute changes in your schedule but hey! that happens once in a while. Not everyday. Do me a favour and buy yourself a stylish notebook/planner which has a calendar and a layout that makes you want to write down to-do lists. Check out Odd Giraffe on Instagram. They have some amazing stationary :) Your to-do list can even include notes or points as basic as "stay hydrated" or "call my mom at 5pm today". There's a blissful feeling you get once you tick it off the list at the end of the day.

3. Wake up early! - At least by 7am? Get a good night's sleep for about 7-8 hours. Usually most of the work at home is done in the morning. Just imagine finishing it in a couple of hours and then carrying on with your career commitments. You can even start your day with a quick workout and keep the rest of the day for your home and career routines.

4. Start basic. Then level up! - To get somewhere in life, there's always a starting point. It is human tendency to dive in and overwork in the beginning without realising that exhaustion can lead you nowhere. Lets correct that by taking consistent, baby steps to get to your goal. Eventually you are going to ace that job! You are going to need time to head in that direction by also levelling up as and when your foundation is strengthened. While you are taking these baby steps, you are also understanding the right balance between life and work.

5. Unplug & Enjoy - Working 24/7 on your career isn't going to get you anywhere. Switching off your phone and taking a break from work, while you also get to spend time with your family and friends is the best way to be stress free and not worry so much about the world around you. There is no harm in taking time off from work. After all, you have a life to live and you could enrich it with traveling or picking a new skill or hobby that puts your mind off from the regular routine. I love traveling the world so that's just one of my examples, but you could even do other things like head to the dog park (dogs are beautiful souls!") or go out for coffee with your girlfriends.

Last but not the least, please stop saying "I do not have time, I have too much to do". What exactly are you gaining out of saying that? Let me tell you people do not believe when you say that because while you say it, are you actually "doing" the work that you are busy doing? Think about it!

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