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The Turning Point In My Life That Got Me To Restart & Revamp My Business

It was in 2017 when I was on my way back to Bangalore, from a mammoth of a holiday in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, and London, with Bharat (the husband... sorry guys 😄). We were waiting to board the aircraft at Heathrow Airport and I just took out my phone to check my work emails and see if I could try and update myself by the time I get to the office the next day.

I was 2 years in to working at a good managerial role at a well-known retail company and let me tell you they absolutely loved me because I was a great asset to the firm.

So yes I try to log in to my work mail and I get a message saying "this email id is no longer available." I showed this to Bharat and we decided that this could be a mistake or some network issue. While on my journey back, I tried ticking off all the points as to why they would ask me to leave the company. But nothing was really valid.

That night after reaching home, I opened my work MacBook and just saved all the work that I had done in the last two years. Whatever I could find. Smart move I know.

You know, when the gut feeling sets in.

The very next day I headed to the office and they called me in and asked me with a very shaky voice to hand over my MacBook. That was the end.

They were downsizing the company and they just couldn't afford me. That was the moment I realized that nothing is permanent and anything is possible.

So the first thought that came to my mind was - I kept my brand in the back burner all these years and now that is the ONLY thing that I have to fall back on.

In other words - restart what I had started.

I had no choice. My monthly income was down to almost 10% of what I was earning. But thanks to my family I was able to stand strong and continue working hard.

My journey as an entrepreneur/business owner started then, with a refreshing mindset of "I am going to do whatever it takes to build my name and make it the most stable asset that I own."

And today, I can proudly say - we have come a long way (Diya Asrani as a person and as a brand) and this is just the beginning!

The thing is, all these years I was so hesitant in sharing my turning point but then I gave it a thought and decided that why not tell people that a small part of my life story can change things for the better.

This happened to me as a wake-up call.

That same night after my last day at the firm, I sat myself down, cried a little (actually a lot) and told myself that this is enough. Now on to bigger and better things!

My thoughts were oscillating between applying for another full-time job or just going ahead with bigger dreams. I guess the "bigger dreams" did the trick.

The next 6-8 months were all about revamping, rebuilding, and re-everything! I had to literally start positioning myself in my industry so that people knew I am not done yet.

The journey of transformation started and I molded myself into a brand that got me some good workflow going.

Fast forward to today, we are in 2020 and now again I feel its always good to learn something new, so I have started my journey towards a larger perspective and purpose of existing on this planet.

More than anything, I am here to help women entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches design their presence as an important contribution to their audience. You got to make your presence felt!

We all have stories to tell. But it depends on how we tell them and what about it makes it so unique that no one except us can imagine that anything is possible.

Got a brand to build? Want to make your presence felt? I could be your coach in showing you the tried and tested way towards building something amazing. Write to me - info@diyaasrani.com or join my online school - hub.diyaasrani.com

Happy to serve you!


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