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The No.1 Myth That Entrepreneurs Need To Bust

The journey of an entrepreneur requires dedication, strategy and consistency. But due to so many versions of the definition of an entrepreneur's lifestyle, we have gone deeper into converting some really harmful strategies that have led us to doing a few things that are not good for the health of our business. In other words, a million myths gotta be busted!

But for now I want to highlight the No. 1 myth that entrepreneurs need to bust. Why I call it the No. 1 myth is because its the one thing that we all believe in mastering - just like how we need to master a skill or an art.

So here's the myth - Doing too many things at the same time & not focussing on one thing - in short, multitasking.

In a country like India, people have grown up believing that multitasking is an important skill to master. Right from house chores to business strategies, the idea of doing many things together is considered amazing and something that many people believe they need to learn to do, sometime in life.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is a seriously harmful way of going about your work/lifestyle and also, one of the leading causes of stress.

Being an entrepreneur and owning your business is itself a really challenging role to play. There is already a lot on your plate, but there is a way to eat all too!

Being focussed on one task at a time can help you achieve your goals faster. When you go deeper into doing something, you do it well and then when you do the next task, you are happy that the previous one is done and you don't have it pending in your to-do list.

Why do our mothers say this when we are eating food - "When you are eating your meal, keep all distractions aside and concentrate on chewing and enjoying the benefits of what has been made."

Something to ponder about?

It is always great to do many things, be multitalented and get a lot of work done, but it all works like a 5 course meal. There is a pattern that you need to create in order to enjoy it.

So how to bust this myth :

1. Prioritise your work - What needs to be done first?

2. Quality over quantity - Do I really need to finish ALL these tasks today or I'd rather do a good job with a few of them for now?

3. Master the art of Oneness - What is that ONE thing I can give my 100% to?

4. Change the mindset - Do I have a growth mindset of a business owner or a follower mindset of an employee?

5. Learn to say No

6. Practice balance - Do I have some ME time?

7. Listen to Your Mind

Multitasking is a silent killer of your goals. Unfortunately people do not see it in that light. They still think it is amazing to cook a good meal, while having tea, boiling the milk and getting some "ME" time 😅

Please do yourself a favour, and create a One-Task-Focus mindset. You will thank me!

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