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The Brighter Side Of Things - COVID-19

So in the last few months, every morning I have been waking up with updates on this big bad virus that has made the world go topsy turvy. It is pretty disheartening to see how it has spread in no time, altering so many people’s lives and literally forcing us to get back into our comfort bubbles.

After some pondering, I thought why not actually take advantage of this situation and convert it into a benefit.

Let's remember one thing, it is not so easy to say that times will pass and everything will be ok. Because in other countries like Italy, France, and the likes, the chaos that COVID 19 has created, is really sad. But having said that, there is always a brighter side of things and that I believe should be looked at as a blessing.

So what do I mean by the brighter side of things? It is not necessary that the grass is always greener on the other side, in fact, I am referring to the grass that we are standing on right now, metaphorically.

We need to look at it as a blessing. The fact that we exist is what makes things look brighter.

Now that we are freer to many things, we should embrace the things that we take advantage of when we actually do not have the time.

So in simple words :

This time is for Love.

This time is for Self Awareness.

This time is for Family.

This time is for Sleep.

This time is for Switching Off.

This time is for Fitness.

This time is for Books.

This time is for Learning A New Skill.

This time is for Reviving & Healing.

This time is for Slowing down.

This time is for Making a Difference.

This time is for great music as your company.

This time is for Breathing more consciously.

You might be in the midst of chaos, but you have the vision to live by and that is something that will not let anything stop you.

If you resonate with this message, please follow my podcast and write to me at info@diyaasrani.com and we shall talk!

Until the next one… Take care :)

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