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Musically Speaking:: One Of The Deep-Rooted Reasons Behind Being Who I Am Today

There's always a part of your life story that plays a HUGE role in molding you into the person you are today and you are just so proud of it.

It is that part which is absolutely flawless, experiential and a tad bit eccentric for others to understand.

Got severely bitten by the blog bug and hence I thought, why not pour my heart out about my deep-rooted passion and love for deep, blissful, quality music. Yes, that is right, it is the years of music lovin' that has made the person I am today.

Going back to the year 2005, school days were always a challenge for me not only to shine as a capable little girl but also severely low on confidence and people skills. My public speaking skills were zilch and so was my math (my dad can tell you stories about it) 🙈

These few things which were a big deal then, made me feel that I needed to add something to my life that will permanently make me bloom better as a person (apart from Fitness, which is another part of my story). Weirdly, I met a few friends who were DJs themselves and they just gave a couple of CDs with some melodic, beachy kind of Progressive House and they were like "Listen to these few tunes (we called them "choons" those days) and let me know what you think.".

I was still wondering, is this music really going to make a difference in my life? I mean, just some beats put together along with acoustics and then some vocals.

So a few nights later, I decided to explore, I just plugged in my earphones and played the CDs to see what the fuss was all about.

I woke up the next day, IN LOVE with those few tracks and my mom wondered, what is up with me, dancing weirdly, humming the songs and just being my happy weird self. In a flash, I felt a little difference in me already! Eccentric I know, but its a fact!

I shared my experience with my DJ friends and they were like, now go join a forum called www.submerge.in (you know who started it) :) and there's where it all started. I "submerged" myself into quality music ever since.

When I studied art and design in 2007, I was not really appreciated by my teachers and fellow peers in college which brought my confidence levels further down to the dumps and I was like, this cannot be happening to me. Fast forward to 2011, I breathed a sigh of relief when I received my certificate without attending my graduation 😇 I guess the music fixation made me the cool cat that I was!

Today we are in 2020, and it has been 15 years of passionate music lovin'!

My impactful musical experiences ranged from a religious visit to this club called "Fuga" every Sunday (which my parents wonder till today, how did I manage to pull that off 😂) to famous music festivals and concerts to discussing everything music on the forum to making some of the closest friends I have today!

Why I wanted to highlight this experience particularly was because these amazing 15 years changed me positively as a person. Nope, I haven't become a DJ (though it was in mind some time ago) or a producer but, I feel that the awareness and knowledge I have today is because of the positive influence that music had on me.

So getting to the point, here are FIVE main skills that developed in me because of this amazing fixation :

1. Confidence: I was able to voice my opinion on the forums. Though initially, I had zero knowledge about music, but it was a path I started exploring in order to mix around with like-minded musically inclined people. This also got me to portray myself the way I wanted and eventually, I became better at public speaking :) (though the journey of becoming an expert in public speaking is another part of my life story which I will leave for later)

2. Creativity: My skills in creating art, ideas, brainstorming got so much better because I used music as a type of therapy whenever I ventured into creating something. Today, when I actually think of ideas, they make a lot of sense when I play some music and go with the flow.

3. Listening Skills: I started actually listening to regular music when I was 5 years old. My dad got me into grooving to retro and disco along with explaining to me the meaning of the songs that were playing. Adding to that, I started listening to underground music with a conscious effort to know how the beats go - 4x4 for example. This helped me concentrate so much that my listening skills became so much better when it came to connecting with people professionally and personally.

4. Networking: Not only did I start networking with people, but I also became an extrovert and started being a more outgoing person which made me more excited to just go out and meet and dance with friends to great music. I was quite a rebel back then, but it did me good in a way!

5. Body Language: If you would have noticed how we dance to techno or prog house or any of the genres, there is a particular movement we do - its the line dance (step in step out) with the hands going with the beats. This strict following of the rhythm, helped me build my body language more on a deeper level as I was more aware of the way I move, the way I express myself and the way I visually portray myself to the crowd.

You see, it is so weird that my passion for music has made me build my soft skills and make me a better person today. I didn't even imagine that something like the beats of a tune would make me feel so good about myself!

Give it a thought. What was it that molded you into what you are today? You have come a long way I am sure!

Share it with me by writing to info@diyaasrani.com

To read about my main story, head to www.diyaasrani.com :) I am an open book!



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