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How To Maximise Your Productivity Every Day - A concept created by Diya Asrani

When you are your own boss, you are also your own time bomb when it comes to getting work done every day.

Being productive as a business owner is a progressive effort towards mini-goals that would eventually lead you to the massive one. Having said that, on my journey as a business owner the run towards each milestone had to involve everyday baby steps to inch forward. I had to make sure that at least 1 task a day should be something towards the business, to keep the momentum going.

There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. You can be busy doing work that doesn’t have a purpose and end up facing burn out, or you can be productive by doing tasks that lead you closer to your goals while also getting some free time to unwind.

To make it easier to understand I created this concept that sums up everything you got to do daily, in order to maximize productivity.

I call it the “A.U.R.A” Concept that has worked wonders for my clients and for myself as well. I use it diligently every single day to maximize my productivity which invariably leads me to hit the tiny goals on the way without a sweat.

“A.U.R.A” the word itself is synonymous with the way we want to position ourselves in the industry and the concept will definitely lead you to achieve maximum results.

So here’s what it means :

A – Attempt A Focused Task – They say “to-do” lists need to have a good number of tasks for you to tick mark per day. But the reality is that even if you do ONE task a day that leads to your business goals, you are good to go. You really do not have to spend the full day working on your business unless deadlines demand it. Balance your day with work, play and family time and see the results happen in no time.

Average time to spend per day : 3 hours

U – Understand Your Purpose – The reason I strongly believe in this is that understanding your purpose is directly related to how you can serve your audience. Once you know what you are here for, helping people achieve results through your products/services will be a cakewalk. Knowing that you can create an impact and thinking about the mission every single day, will align you with how productive you need to be.

Average time to spend per day: 1 hour

R – Read & Research On Your Niche – Reading books and researching at various levels in your niche and understanding how you can mold the content into something unique that works for your audience, is a good task to do every day. Gone are the days when you could just copy-paste ready content from the internet and come up with a quick presentation on the same. Now it is time to be creative, and deep research is the key to expanding your possibilities in interpreting content.

Average time to spend per day: 2 hours

A – Accepting Yourself – To position yourself as an expert in your industry you have to position yourself at a higher level in your mind. In other words, accepting your strengths and flaws and focusing on what’s good for you and your business. Your own mindset is directly related to the success of your business. If you really want to make a difference, you have to be a little selfish in how you live your life. So take time out every day to spend time with yourself – workout, meditate, hydrate, listen to music and do pamper yourself (within your means).

Average time to spend per day – 2 hours.

Keeping the A.U.R.A concept in mind, an entrepreneur/business owner needs to constantly thrive in order to build an empire that people are curious to know more about. Making a difference requires a deep foundation of hard work, learning and unlearning, and creativity that helps fuel the authenticity of the brand.

Now is the time to create an aura!

To Your Success,

Diya Asrani

Personal Branding Coach

For more details on 1:1 coaching and group coaching programs, please write to info@diyaasrani.com

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