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How To Do What You Love For A Living!

So we are just a few days away from 2020 and I thought why not keep the last post of the year as something that we all should be doing in order to make the new year a good one on the work front - in other words, absolutely, truly, madly, deeply, love what you do and love it all!

I took time off the last couple of days to ponder about this thought more deeply and I feel there is so much of scope in us to love what we do. I mean, why are we even doing what we are doing till date? There is a reason behind throwing all those energies into something that you really want to do and thus making things work for yourself smoothly.

Now, for the folks who don't enjoy doing what they are doing, here's something to get you thinking - it is never too late to start something that you always loved doing.

⭐️ Are you great at singing? Maybe you can join a band.

⭐️Have people told you that you dance so well? Start teaching.

⭐️Do your friends usually come to you for advise? Well, you got your answer.

⭐️ Are you great with kids? Start taking classes or organising summer camps.

⭐️Do you love painting? Throw in some paints on that canvas and release your creative juices!

And.. there is more!

Guys, sky is really the limit. All it takes is getting started, which is the difficult part but, when it comes to loving and being passionate about something, absolutely nothing can stop you.

Here are some points that will help you begin :

1. Up skilling - join a class to rewire and reset your love for the subject

2. Talk to you inner circle - Share your love for this passion with your family and friends who are supporting you and see what they have to say. Nothing like valuable ideas and feedback.

3. Online research - Check out what other people in the same industry are doing. Learn from a few and see if you can create a new approach

4. Read! - Reading is highly underestimated, but the reality is that the ideas lie deep in the pages of a good book!

5. Start your first - Don't plan or schedule it. Just decide and do it! If you are a singer, record your voice. If you are a dancer, start practicing your moves. If you are a speaker, practice in front of the mirror. Just start will ya!

6. Make time for it - Here's a tricky one. We usually have a tendency to say that we don't have time. I wonder why! I used to say this to myself too and I wondered why was I doing it! Every single day, keep an hour for this passion. Just an hour. See the difference after a month.

7. Last one - Create mini goals - For the month, create a small goal that can be easily achieved. You will just LOVE what you are doing with all the energy and power because, you see good results :)

Let us take my example here

When I was little, like very little, my mom dad told me that I could dance before even walking! Today, dancing is my passion. I love a few latin dance forms as well as some belly dancing, Bollywood and freestyle - moulded that into a career through a Zumba certification. Voila!

I realised I could paint and draw well after watching how my dad sketched a few things. I was 8 maybe - Today, I paint occasionally and have explored techniques & mediums like water colours, pastels, acrylic, charcoal and more. I would like to humbly admit that this particular talent has been on the back burner and I am going to rekindle my arty side this new year.

Then I tried singing - ummmmm, nope Diya, not your thing. So now I sing with the crowd. Its fun to blend in and still think you sound great. Haha!

Then the workout bug came in and then the styling and personal branding and then... my favourite - public speaking. All turned into passions that I LOVE doing today.

You see, these maybe a whole lot of skills/talents, but who is here to stop me? No one.

Has anyone said, do not do what you love? Have you been asked to not work on your passions? What is stopping you?

I don't want to sound like a wannabe motivational speaker because that's just skimming through the surface and leaving you in limbo. Let's be honest, everyone can motivate you and hello, you really do not need motivation to start loving what you do, anyway.

All it takes is changing your mindset and creating a fire that cannot be undone.

It is really natural to take it easy and have a whole lot of "low" days and that is alright. In fact, that is what will get you to perform way better than before.

If you would like some support on starting something fresh or rekindling an old passion, get in touch with me here -- info@diyaasrani.com

I guarantee an automatic spark in you! ⭐️

Also, get to know my story here - https://www.diyaasrani.com/about-diya

I wish you all the success this new year!


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