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How To Improve The Ability To Manifest Your Dreams

2020 is here and so is the end of a crazy decade of transformation! From learning to unlearning to making things happen to failing and then finally rising - it has been a great ride of experiences but hey, there is more!

After a crazy NYE party followed by a family wedding at home, I have finally landed myself into my routine and thought why not rewire my mind and write my first post of the year.

So as we all know, each one of us has this "new year new me" mindset when we think about our resolutions, dreams, and whatnot that needs to be worked on. We finetune our thoughts and intentions based on what we plan to achieve this new year. Sounds great I know, but how to manifest it to a whole new level?

In this post, I want to highlight some ways of improving our manifesting abilities towards our dreams. What really makes things bloom to reality? The intention to do it is one of the ways, but what else can we do to make it all work out?

The ability to manifest lies deeply in the way we absorb and preserve information that benefits our thought process. It is how we take that step and move to the next level without hesitating because it is a decision that we make and thus, need to master.

Having said that, the power of manifestation is directly related to an 'abundance mindset'. Why I say abundance is because, the minute your mind knows that you need to achieve something, it opens up to thinking on the lines of having already achieved it.

As we all know, there is always room for improvement by believing in ourselves and achieving something that we never thought we could.

So here's what I have for you :

1. Make Manifestation A Routine - Say it, write it, sing it, dance to it and just make it a part of your life. The more you want it, there is a higher chance of it actually happening. The universe has its ways of making it happen for you.

How to put this in practice: Buy a nice planner or notepad and write down the dream every day. This might sound repetitive after a while and it also might get you slow in the process, but this is a great way to make it a habit.

Another funny but highly effective way to do this is singing your dream while having a shower. :) It works!

2. Trust The Process - When you are doing something, there is a reason for it being done in a certain way. Maybe you could do it yourself or delegate it to someone who is better at the task, but make sure you do it and trust that the outcomes of it are something that you really strongly want.

How to put this in practice: Pick a small task that needs to be done immediately. Write down 3 ways of doing it (for example - delegating, a different approach, planning etc). Choose the best one and DO IT.

3. Use Your Ability To Visualize - Our brains are designed to visualize more than verbalize. Visualizing is by far the strongest power that the human brain has and it creates a massive impact on how we process information. If you visualize what you want just by seeing yourself in that situation, do take it for granted that you have already achieved it.

How to put this in practice: Stop whatever you are doing right now. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes, visualize that one thing that you really want. See yourself having accomplished it, smile and acknowledge it. Open your eyes and see how good you feel about yourself.

4. Use Art To Enhance Creativity - We all have the power to create something beautiful, something that would serve people and inturn benefit us on a larger scale. Doodling, sketching, and just blissful painting can help you build your creativity to the next level.

How to put this in practice: Devote an hour a day scribbling, doodling, painting or sketching - basically just letting go and squeezing out your creative juices on a piece of paper. You don't really need to be an artist neither do you need to have a concept in mind.

Eventually, you will see yourself getting better at it and then the ideas will start pouring it. This way you are activating the creative juices in you which will eventually help you build your dream.

5. Practice The Feeling Of Achievement - This might sound funny but it actually works. Practice the feeling of success - as you have already converted that big dream into reality. Adding to your visualizing power comes the power to feel the emotions that are stirred because of that big dream. When you put your emotions to work, especially in this case, it ends up becoming as important as oxygen for you.

How to put this in practice: Get in front of the mirror and just say "Yes I did it!" with all the emotions you have in you. Say it 10 times. By the end of it, it becomes a natural feeling of excitement, happiness, and achievement.

Building the ability to manifest your dreams comes from within and once you put it all to practice, your life will be completely different.

Maybe the "new year new me" mindset would actually be valid :)

Maybe you could do things in a better way.

Maybe the change you see is what you have been wanting to see all this while!

Make it work, put it to practice and see yourself blossom this year.

Want to build the ability to manifest your big dreams? I could be your mentor :) write to me - info@diyaasrani.com

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