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How To Bring Out Your Flavour In An Email

Communication is the oxygen of any business. We use it to our benefit.. but what makes You different from the others? Has it ever occurred to you that your style of communication defines the authenticity of your brand?

One more question - Did you know the aesthetics of your personal brand is directly related to the way you express yourself?

The most permanent, professional and powerful way of putting your words together to convince your digital tribe is through email. Second being blogging... but we'll be talking about Email here.

Before I could find myself a legit mentor to help me out with my business, I strongly believed in mentoring myself and thinking that I know what I am doing. In all those years, that belief had got me to a certain level (no regrets), but I was never told that I am doing something the right or wrong way until about a year or so ago.

I was never told that the essence of my brand has to come out in the way I interact with my leads and customers online. I was extremely passive about this point, to the extent of pretending like my email is just a robotic way of "connecting" with people. Haha!

The other thing that I supposedly thought was right was, corporate lingo and boring emails are good enough to put your point across and to generate business. Ummm, well, you were wrong Diya! In fact I had to unlearn that aspect of Email Marketing and understand that it is your voice and your personal brand essence that gets customers and leads to trust you.

Do yourself a favour and get the flavour into your emails! (Favour, flavour, that just made a lot of rhymin' sense eh? 😅

So here's how :

1. A Capturing Subject Line :

Your subject line has to be well in sync with what you are planning to share with your tribe. It can range from something really exciting to something very important, but this is the "deciding factor" for the person to open the email or not. In different scenarios and based on how important it is, people open the mail and that is when we figure out the opening rate of our emails. I am sure you wouldn't want to be one of those kinds which can just be ignored/skipped through or marked as spam, without even giving it a read. Keep it catchy and involving!

2. Treat It Like A Template :

Your email can have a permanent template that people are used to seeing. A template forms lasting impressions in the minds of readers. Check out emails from "mindbodygreen" or "Popsugar" - two amazing lifestyle blogs that have a standard template going in all their emails. Think of your brand colours, your logo or even certain elements of your signature that can bring out your true flavour.

3. Your Standard Opening Line :

When you begin writing an email, your first thought is, where do I begin?

The best way to start is having an opening that brings in your brand essence - say a greeting or some small talk. When you start with that, it just becomes A LOT easier to go ahead and get to the point. This brings in an element of politeness, harmony and friendliness which will make it easier for the reader to go through your email in detail.

4. Getting To The Point :

When you write the main body of your email, think about how your receiver is going to read it. In what tone or expression is he/she going to read it? Always bring in empathy in the framework of your email. The situation could be anything - you are angry, upset, low, irritated, happy, excited... hungover.. but the point is that in the end, the email has to be read without having any doubt about the way you express yourself. We tend to lose control when we are typing a very stern mail. In my experience as a Manager at a company, I was told to be stern on emails to my team members. I learnt very late that such kind of negativity will only bring yourself down. So take a DEEP breathe and then let it all out.. the words I mean. 😄

5. Sandwiching It With Some Sugar :

When you finally end the email, you have to add some toppings that make the email look attractive and thus leaves a lasting impression. A good closing also leads to the receiver's decision to believe in you or not. Keep it simple, but also consistent so that people know its You who is writing this and not a robot.

6. Your Awesome Signature :

They say, what's in a signature? Let me tell you that a signature literally rates you on the scale of 1 to 10 on how professional you actually are. It is also a sign of attention to detail that you are very particular about. In your signature, your necessary details need to be there. Apart from that, you can also add a banner which has your logo, a quote or some relevant information on your services that people can see when they finish reading your email.

7. Correct Yourself First :

Many times in a hurry, we either eat up our words or we just have a word-lepsy moment and go wrong with the grammar. It happens to the best of us! It is really important to proofread your emails, a good number of times before hitting the "send" button. When you are giving your suggestions or opinions via email, the receiver on the other end responds depending on what he reads. These series of responses are called TANC - The Anonymous non-verbal Communication cues 😁 (yes I made that up) because you really don't know what their reaction is until they actually respond to you. So making sure your language and grammar is simple to understand and clear to articulate, is very important in bringing out the right flavour.

And my last one is, do not overdo with the attachments. People don't open more than 1-2 attachments because they don't have the patience to read each part of it. Attachments should be sent only on request.

Bottom line :: Make your email a 360* tool to convince your clients about how you can enrich their lives through the quality of your services or products. People see the real deal in the way you express yourself. They actually read between the lines, just like this guy 🧐👇🏼

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