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How To Become A Subject Matter Expert

I strongly believe that everyone has a voice which can make people aware about how good they can be at something. And to make that voice louder, the loose ends need to be tightened enough to set the base strong. That is exactly how a Subject Matter Expert should be. Thorough in the way they go about doing what they are doing but also strike a balance between being an "expert" and a "learner".

Having said that, I am sure everyone wants to be an "SME" in what they know. But, do they really know so much about what they know? Making a difference in someone's life through your expertise is great, but first, you need to be really good at what you do.

I have listed out a few points that you could consider on your road towards becoming an SME in your subject.

1. Get some research done : There are multiple levels of research that you can do in your subject. Finding different articles, concepts, ideas and perspectives is a great way to collect knowledge that makes sense. One of the best ways is to do a survey and ask relevant questions that can give you answers/opinions which are realistic.

2. Create your "YOU" story : Did you know that a higher percentage of people get more inspired by real stories, than by plain jane introductions? An involving story about you and your brand and how you got here, creates a stronger impact than a paragraph of words that are aimless and not creative. Your audience has an attention span of not more than an average of 2-4 mins. You got to catch their attention through weaving in your expertise in your experiences.

3. Keep it simple : Learners and readers do not have the time to comprehend fancy language. Your concept has to be a blend of simplicity and creativity. You could use the powerful tool of mind mapping, infographics or just simple words on a presentation, but just make sure that you do not copy the language from your course book, because that is really going to test the patience of your reader/learner.

4. Look at the meaning in what you say : Before you talk to your audience about your favourite topic, remember to find meaning in what you say. It is absolutely ok to show your true self and make a few errors while you speak, as long your concept makes sense and works amazing in terms of building a dream in your audience's mind, you are good. An expert should be ready with answers that do not make him/her look clueless.

5. Build trust : When you say that you will help your audience to do better, you have to mean it from your core. There has to be a strong connection between you and the people who follow you. This goes beyond your social media fan following and reputation. It is all about "being there" for your audience and forming a support system that helps them benefit the most out of your services.

These 5 main points sums up a kickstarter kit to becoming a Subject Matter Expert. It is all about how you make a difference through your powerful presence and knowledge in your industry.

I wish you luck :)

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