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How I Got Rid Of The Fear Of Public Speaking



Do you have a story that you would like to tell people? While building my business I realized that if you really need to make things happen, you have to bust the fears that try to stop you. And one such fear in my case was Public Speaking. What was the ripple effect of this fear?

  • Low confidence

  • Poor presentation

  • Compromised self-expression

  • Low creativity

  • Scared to try new things

And the list goes on.

So while I was working on Design Your Presence™, I told myself many times that if I had to be different, I had to do things differently. It was a challenging thought but I am glad I decided to think that way. As entrepreneurs, we need to constantly learn, grow, and progress in our journey to make it worthwhile.

In my case, Public Speaking was the leap I had to take to be different and to express myself in a creative way. I have read enough and more articles on Public Speaking and how to master it. I did feel it is a topic that's been spoken about by many coaches and trainers but in my case, I wanted to simplify this topic and make it relatable through the way I approached it in my brand-building journey.

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The Fear We All Talk About :

If you have been following me on any of the channels, you would've noticed that I keep things extremely simple and easy to understand. I work in sync with the human mind's tendency to lose interest in a span of 3-5 minutes, and the content I like to share with people like you must always be relatable and easy to take in. So I have come up with 3 key points to keep in mind if you want to improve your public speaking skills.

Now, here are a few disclaimers before we go-ahead :

  1. This is not a "fast-result" strategy.

  2. This is something that I have taken from my experience.

  3. This is not "copy-paste content".

  4. This is for people who have an open mind.

On that note, if you have an open mind, you may read this further :D

You are someone who has definitely faced the fear of speaking in front of a crowd, that's why you are here. And I know that it is one of the most common fears we face in life and that's why they say it is stronger than the fear of death.

When actually, the truth is, it is not. It is how we have perceived it in all our experiences. Speaking in front of people is a form of self-expression and I truly believe that we should be fearless enough to say what we feel about something. When it comes to creating connections with people, there is no doubt that body language plays a role in sending messages, but, stressing on words, telling a story and just sharing with people who really want to listen to you is a gift in itself and we shouldn't let go of it.

I have personally dragged this fear along with me right till the time I started training people in 2012. And I love how it has converted into a strength that I use every day in my business.

The ABC Of Public Speaking :

Now coming to the tips that I want to share with you.

A - Act Your Part - more like playing a role in your field of expertise, just like a movie. Imagine if you were to practice and play your part, how would you do it? Would you let go of it or would you actually play the role? I felt that this is something I learned in my journey of building my own self-expression. You are not faking it. You are playing the part that you chose to play.

Think of Ex-President Obama or even our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Don't they play their part in front of an audience? They are definitely not faking it.

B - Believe In Yourself - I learned this very late and I never used to think that I am good at what I do until one day when I actually told myself that I am creating something unique! Don't forget to believe in yourself from day 1. The moment you do, talking about anything in front of anyone would be an absolute cakewalk for you.

Here's something you got to think about - You have a story or an idea to share with people or you are passionate about a topic but the fact that you can't believe in yourself is stopping you from actually being who you really are. Think.

And coming to our last one,

C - Create Something That Makes You Unique - This might sound like an "I know this already" tip, but honestly if you did know about this, you wouldn't be here reading a blog post on public speaking. When you create something out of your journey, people are more willing to learn from you because it is always something that is going to be different. Concepts might be similar in nature, but the way you approach it can always stand out which most definitely positions you uniquely. That allows you to confidently talk about what you do. The minute you are copying something, people can make it from the way you talk about it. So go create something that makes you speak proudly about it.

A question for you.

Are you someone looking to build that brand or you feel it is better to waste that passion and throw it all away?

It is your choice.

I also have an exercise for you to begin your journey towards becoming a good speaker.

Take 10 days for this. Each day start from tomorrow, pick a topic, and start talking about it to anyone you are comfortable with. Could be your family, spouse, friends, anyone.

Start with one person on Day 1.

On Day 2 tell someone else.

Day 3, add two people.

Day 4 talk to three people

Day 5 talk to four people.

And gradually increase the number of people until Day 10.

If you follow this exercise, I can guarantee you that you would've gone ahead in building your speaking skills by at least 30%

Don't worry about the quality of content or the level of language you use. Don't try perfecting it too. Just go with the flow. The only thing is, keep your story or topic fixed for these 10 days.

Once you do this, head to my YouTube channel and share your experience in the comments below my video - https://youtu.be/O_VQe4YiLoI

If you have reached the end of this post, I am guessing you are one of those action takers. So I do expect that you go ahead and actually work on building your public speaking skills.

The world is waiting for your story!


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