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Etiquette at your fingertips

Turn around, snap your fingers while you call out, "Hey waiter! come here!" and the waiter comes to your table, ensures that you and your guests are settled, takes the order and heads in to prepare your food and drinks. In all these 2-3 mins, have you ever thought of stepping in the waiter's shoes to see how he felt? Did you see anything wrong in what you did?

Etiquette (sounds like "a ticket") is an expression of one's own personality through the way they conduct themselves in all situations - be it personal, professional and social.

Wherever we go, there are some norms that we need to follow to respect that particular surrounding. When we travel to another country, there are so many do's and don'ts that we see people following, for example, in Singapore, chewing gum is banned. If you are caught entering the country with gum, they will probably put you behind bars!

Now, that doesn't mean that if you don't hold the chopsticks right, the restaurant manager will call the police. It is just that when you are exposed to different cultures, you need to be well versed with the code of conduct that they follow.

There's so much to learn about Etiquette and it will probably take us years of experience before we actually "know" how things work in every corner of the world. But for now, we could use some handy tips that can be applied in our general lifestyle.

To make things simple, here are 10 tips to consider keeping our day to day activities in mind.

1. Your best friend bought you an amazing perfume and you are so excited to wear it tonight. Off you go spraying it all over yourself letting that fragrance linger as you leave the room. That, my friend, is a warning from the "fragrance gods" telling you that you just ruined it. - Avoid excessive spraying of your perfume. The nozzle is designed in such a way that you get just the right amount on your pulse points. :)

2. New movie in town? Head to your seat facing those seated and the man leads the way, always.

3. Your footwear speaks A LOT about you. Keep them clean, just like your personality!

4. "HI PLEASE FIND ATTACHED DOCUMENT REGARDS" vs "Hi, Good Morning, Please find attached the document having xyz details of the project. Thanks & regards" - which one looks better and more respectable?

Watch your language when sending a mail. For such communications, your email is the face of your brand and it speaks enough and more about how you deal with people. Avoid the CAPS LOCK button unless you are starting a sentence or addressing someone's name.

5. Fought with your best friend or had a bad day at work? Get a diary to vent it out. Social media is NOT a platform to vent out things that are personal. It just shows that you want some attention. Posting personal issues online is not decent and should be avoided.

6. Be a gentleman and open the door for the lady. We talk so much about gender neutrality these days, but such simple gestures go a long way. Women are secretly attracted to men who do "etiquette things".

7. Watch your volume and tone when you get on a call. Nobody wants to know what you made for lunch yesterday or how much work you have to finish before you leave for the day. Talking loudly is a sign of disrespect to the people around you.

8. When invited to your friend/family's place for dinner, always offer to help around with cleaning and replacing things at the end of the night. They might not let you do it, but even if you contribute to about 10% of the work, deep down they will appreciate it.

9. Time is precious, not only for you, but for others as well. When you are late for a meeting, wedding, dinner or any gathering, it speaks loud about your personality and makes people form opinions about you. Be on time, it creates a good first impression.

10. If someone talks to you rudely, do not sink to their level or raise your voice. Instead, raise your standards and self respect, smile and leave the boorish company.

We do not stop here. There's so much more to understanding and knowing how important good manners are to survive in each situation.

Looking for a training or 1-2-1 consultation in all aspects of Etiquette? Write to me to know more - asrani.diya@gmail.com

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