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Do Homemakers need Image Consulting & Soft Skills?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Homemakers, people who make a house, home. People who convert house work into an everyday Art and also make place for themselves in everyone's heart!

Homemakers can be men or women and there is no defined rule that says women should be or are the only ones who can run a house. There are so many men who prefer running the house instead of stepping out to work, while their wives attend to their careers. It also involves a balance of responsibility in handling other members of the family - specially children and parents.

Being a Homemaker is a 24/7 job and involves A LOT of hard work, planning and patience to run the show. Right from waking up in the morning and getting meals organised to the end of the day, they are on the move. Bottom line is that a homemaker is like a Chief Manager of Home, which is as good as a Chief Manager or Head of Department at a well known company.

So coming to the point, Homemakers definitely need Image Consulting & Soft Skills to communicate efficiently with the people around them. Now lets not confuse "overworking" with "working hard", there's a difference, and that is why they need to maintain their image to make sure that people do not take them for granted.

Let's not disagree with the fact that we all live in a people centric environment. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we will meet people and build a network. We have been tuned to the world to send out messages that make or break a relationship between people. How we deal with situations, is completely up to how we deal with people.

So keeping that in mind, I have 5 quick pointers that would help Homemakers manage their Image wherever they go.

1. Try Casual At-Home Dressing - I don't know why, but the idea of wearing presentable clothes at home has been severely underestimated. It could be because of cultural conditioning that we have never really thought about dressing to make an impression at home. Reality check - You are the "Face" of Your Abode! You have to look equally (or more) presentable as your space. Add some fun with casual cotton maxi dresses, linen pants, joggers or cute knee length dresses to hang loose in.

2. Groom Yourself - Keep your nails well maintained, hair neatly set or tied, skin glowing as a glow bug! Well, you do not need to wear makeup at home, you know! Instead, you can give your skin enough and more time to breathe, as nothing can be more cleaner than your own humble environment indoors. Taking care of your skin and hair is like medicine for your mind and body - it brings in peace, satisfaction and confidence. Your work doesn't feel like pleasure when you don't give that time to work on yourself.

3. Wear the right Footwear - Of course you don't need to pull out those fancy heels, but you can hang around in some really trendy and comfortable footwear that gives you good cushioning and doesn't make you feel tired in the heels. Being the manager of your house involves enough running around to keep you on your toes and that can be challenging if you do not wear the right footwear. Try comfortable wedges, cushioned T-straps with about an inch of heel so that you don't walk flat on your heels and instead, you balance your weight in between to avoid any strain around the joints.

4. Watch your Tone & Volume : Delegating work doesn't mean you are ordering people to get the job done. Remember, we work in a people centric world where in everyone deserves respect. People around you will help, not because they are forced to, but because they want or need to. Tone down your volume and talk with a smile, it automatically makes the other person feel comfortable and confident. There might be a hundred things on your mind, but the people around you don't see that and for them its just YOU who is communicating with them and not your thoughts.

5. Correct your Body Language - Body language contributes to almost 80% of your communication. People can read your mind by just looking at your posture or facial expressions. Never underestimate the power of the eyes as they might be really gorgeous to look at, but they can also tell people enough and more about what you are currently thinking. Eerie, but true.

Let's not forget that nobody is perfect and we don't have to be perfect in everything we do. Even the most polished individual on the planet needs Image Consulting & soft skills, but since the concept has been taken for granted in general, people don't really see the requirement. We need to change our perspective and accept the fact that everyone can improve in some way or the other.

Looking for a training or 1-2-1 consultation in all Image and Soft Skills topics? Do check out my website for more details or write to me - asrani.diya@gmail.com

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