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Dirty Suede Shoes? Don't fret!

"Suede" comes from the French term "gants de Suède", which means "gloves from Sweden" is a kind of leather with a fuzzy finish, commonly used for jackets, footwear, hats, bags and upholstery.

What sells the most in the market and at a relatively lower price are "Faux Suede" footwear.

Moving with the trends, suede footwear has made their way into millions of wardrobes. The material has an elegant touch, making it versatile for almost every occasion. Since the wearability is high, a little extra care needs to be taken to maintain your suede babies.

When I bought my first "suede" heel, I was so skeptical about the maintenance. I almost felt like the care is more expensive than the actual product! But with some trial and error, as well as research (bless you Google!) I got the hang of it and today, I own a fairly good number of suede shoes. F a i r l y, yes, because nothing like shopping for more shoes! :D

The downside of suede shoes is that, a couple of wears almost makes them look like you have been living in them for the week. But the good thing is that, they are easy to care! Here's how :

1. Own a Suede Brush - If you haven't already, invest in a simple suede brush that does all the effective cleaning. To remove any dust, dirt or minor stains, use the brush in one direction without water. Make sure you use it lightly and avoid digging too much into the material as overdoing it can lead to permanent damage. To set the texture back to normal, lightly sweep the brush to and fro to get back its natural look.

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2. Pencil Eraser/ Suede Erasers - Got a stubborn stain? Use an eraser to gently remove the stain without damaging the surface. In this case, a brush won't work for the simplest reason that the stain would've gone a little deeper into the material. A clean eraser can do the trick!

3. Use a soft, clean Towel - After removing any stains with the brush or eraser, use a soft, not so grainy towel to wipe the shoe on the whole. AVOID using water or dipping them into a bucket of the same to just get it done. The quality of your footwear will come down by nearly 70%! Its true.

Microfiber towels for Suede shoes

4. White Vinegar - Use vinegar to remove stains like food, wine, salt, syrups etc. Put some vinegar on a cloth and dab the stained area. Rub the suede brush after it is bone dry. Finish it with a few sessions at the Suede Brush salon :D

5. Water spots? Add water! - Yup thats right.. Wore your pretty shoes in the rain and they got a few water stains? No worries. You can add water to your Suede brush and gently swirl that brush throughout the shoe. This evens out the stains and once it dries, your shoes look clean. Avoid spot control of water stains as if they're left to dry, the stain can become more prominent thus leading to a spotty, not-so-appealing texture.

Last but not the least, use paper stuffing, shoe trees or something that can be stuffed into the shoe while you store them. You can even keep them in simple cloth bags, leaving the bag slightly open to make sure the footwear are aired out.

When left to dry, make sure that they are not stored in non ventilated places, as that can lead them to smell really really bad!

"It's okay to be a little obsessed with shoes!"

Enjoy your suede babies!!

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