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7 Things That Helped Me Enhance My Creative Thinking Skills As A Business Owner

Did you know that your business a masterpiece of creation through the way your mind works?

Did you know that the thought that you have right now, is something that you have created?

The art of creating something lies in the way we process information that leads to an outcome that can only be controlled by ourselves.

Back in college, I was told by my teachers that “Diya, you are not creative.” It was a sentence constantly stuck in my mind. I was conditioned that I didn’t have a creative mind. Even after trying so hard, they would say – “maybe something else?” It led me to keep trying. I did. I didn’t stop. But at the end of it, they were still not convinced.

But instead of losing heart, I took it to the next level. I started creating my own designs, mood boards, and concepts and instead of getting validation from the so-called Creative Gods, I decided to use my own mind as a Creative God and decide if this was ok, or I could tweak it further.

In other words, I became my own “Creativity Mentor”.

In this entire process, I learned hands-on, the power of not settling for the ordinary.

Think creatively till you possibly can think. Which is never-ending!

Creative thinking has no boundaries and once you know that, you have a zillion ideas that you can create and help come to life. There are a few simple ways to keep creative thinking going, and being an entrepreneur you are your Mind's own manager.

So here are the 7 things that made it easy for me to enhance and condition my creative thinking skills.

1. Step out of your Mind’s comfort zone

However crazy this sounds, stepping out of your little bubble of thoughts and thinking beyond the ordinary, will actually push you to further think without the boundaries. Think limitless!

2. Tell a story

Here’s my favorite! This could be about you, your experiences or any other story that relates to your topic. Once you actually start telling stories, you end up effortlessly expressing yourself in a more interesting way.

3. Create a visual board of words and pictures

I love creating visual boards that consist of all the words and images that I relate to. When you see a larger picture in front of you, you end up connecting the dots faster and easier on the way to your goals. It is like visualizing the finished product and then working backward to achieve it.

4. Eat with the hand that you are not comfortable with

We are often restricted with the belief that if we do certain things in a certain way, we WILL achieve results. But how about trying another route to see if you are actually that versatile?

One simple thing you can try today is eating your next meal with the opposite hand. Maybe, just maybe, you could be an Ambidextrous Star!

5. Live like a local on your travels

I am sure everyone's idea of travel is different but here’s what I think in terms of my experience. I am a serious travel lover and have seen a good number of countries all over the world. Usually, it is very easy to just book a hotel and plan a good itinerary but instead of that, my husband and I have always chosen to live in Airbnb because that brings out the true flavor of the city/town we are staying at. This helps in opening up your mind and thinking like other cultures.

6. Take the leap and do bigger things than your pocket

No one told me this ever, but if you are looking to grow your mind to a whole new level, consider doing bigger things that your pocket can’t handle. In other words, choose places, events, experiences that are exclusive and can make you experience something that’s life-altering. This way, you are also broadening your horizons and thoughts/viewpoints on various things around you.

7. Interact with people for a variety of perspectives

Network, network, network. The more people you interact with, the more ideas you get, the more your creative thinking skills sharpen. It all works with one another. When you interact with someone and they give you a perspective on what they understand about what you, you have straight away got an answer as to how people see you. This way you are giving yourself more room for expansion and ideation in your business!

Bottom line is, you are the master of your own thinking and if you see a boundary, you either break it or stay within it.

When you stay within it, the word “enough” becomes synonymous with your business process. You stop right there. But if you break the boundary, you have officially exposed yourself to an overflow of ideation, smart business processes, successful systems, and more business success!

Choose the boat and set sail.

To Your Success

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