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5 Secrets To Turning Your Personal Brand Into Gold

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

When I dived into the Image Consulting industry in 2011, little did I know that I had to be a "people's person" with good public speaking skills. However, going deeper into my career, I realised later that I am actually building my own Personal Brand and that is when I put both the concepts together and became my own mentor, helping myself develop and mould into a Leader that I am today. I have zero regrets.

Personal Branding has not only made me a better person, but has also given me the power to help people become great creators. It all comes from within and in the end it is all about you building something that is unique. Something that you are known for.

Much later in my career, in 2017, I had to rebrand and restructure things in my business and thats when I resorted to a series of mentors until recently when I was mentored towards building my digital personal brand.

So on that note, I would like to share 5 secrets to turning your Personal brand into gold.

1. Serve value : Less is not always more. Specially when your audience needs to benefit from what you know. Adding value to a person's life is like nurturing a plant to help it bloom into something beautiful. When you give value in abundance, your tribe can bloom into a good number of success stories.

In one of my first few projects with a company, I was told to talk about "corporate dressing" and these were the words from the coordinator - "You need to touch on a few points on dressing, basic idea on colour and maybe a couple of ways to knot a tie." What did I think? Cake walk! I created a simple powerpoint presentation with some basic tips. Result? They loved it, on my face. When it came to the feedback, they said that they wanted to go further in detail. I lost the opportunity to train at that company again, but, I learnt that any kind of instructions from anyone asking for knowledge, has to always be amplified. You need to give more than they expect.

2. Aimed Networking : I am sure you have been told to go meet people, talk to them about what you do, build your network, etc. But did you know that building your network needs a purpose and a target that leads you to people who will become a part of your tribe? I always believe in strong interactions over aimless communications. If you really love doing what you are doing, you got to interact with people who will appreciate you for what you do. The power of networking is meaningful when you can be your natural self and just tell your story to good listeners.

Obviously when you begin your career, you are going to meet A LOT of people before you actually have an aimed audience. And it is good to let everyone know what you do but it is also good to let the right people know what you do so that they take action by either spreading the word to potential clients or converting themselves into your clients.

3. Be Empathetic : The moment you feel for the other person and just put yourself in their shoes, you have officially won hearts. People love feeling important and if you make them the centre of your brand, it is definitely going to work in your favour. Empathy is a powerful skill that needs to be mastered over time. We are too involved with our own thoughts that sometimes it is hard to let go and think for others. But have you ever wondered that if your service is not people centric, are you really going to reap the benefits? No way. You need to enrich lives and help them by understanding how they think and feel and what they want to learn from you.

4. Don't Be A Know-It-All : There is a big difference between an "expert" and a "know-it-all". An expert has the mind of a progressive learner, while a know-it-all skims through and knows everything... but nothing. When you are an expert in your field, you are building trust and quality in your audience's life. You help them master it through a strategy. You make them the best version of themselves. You help them build things with a new perspective. And.. you know that learning never ends. Who knows, you could learn from your audience!

So when I jumped into my career, I thought I had to know every little bit of what I am doing. I had to know everything on day 1, and that once I do the course, I will know everything and more! But I was wrong.. I learnt more from my experiences and till today I continue learning from various sources.

When you are a "know-it-all" you are not only ruining your personal brand, but you are also sinking the boat of your trusted tribe. You don't realise it. You got to be a mentor/teacher/coach/trainer on one hand, and a learner/student/mentee/trainee on the other. Thats just how it works!

5. Specialise Over Generalise : Here's my last one for you. Be a specialist over a generalist, just like a farmer being a specialist in farming, a doctor being a specialist in Dermatology, a teacher being a specialist in Math, you need to be known for something that you are good at.

I believe strongly in the Japanese concept of "Ikigai" where it says that a blend of passion, mission, vocation and profession forms your purpose which is your speciality. You will be taken more seriously if you know you purpose and master it with ease.

Being multitalented with talents like dancing, painting and styling, I used to believe so strongly in serving different audiences. It was a tough few months to understand that I had to master ONE skill and make that a part of my purpose. So I decided to specialise in Personal Branding which is related to helping people build their aesthetics in every aspect. My side hustles are Zumba fitness, Pound Fitness and Painting. I love doing all these things, but I know that it is my core expertise that would lead me up my rickety success ladder!

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