Diya Asrani is one the best personal branding coaches in India helping many entrepreneurs, trainers and coaches build their presence through her signature strategy

1. What services do you offer?
My community is called Design Your Presence™ and I offer 3 memberships to help you design, enhance and automate your Personal Brand as an expert in your field.  The 3 memberships are as follows :
- Silver Membership - Expert Presence Launchpad - A complete solution to build and design your Foundation and Visibility as an expert through weekly LIVE sessions, 10+ online courses and VIP Whatsapp community support on the way. I approach this through a simple 6-step strategy.
- Gold Membership - Expert Presence Setup - A complete solution to build a simple system to run your business online without worrying about complicated technology and too many integrations. This is approached through a series of online courses, a 30 Day Challenge that's pre-recorded to help you implement on the way.
- Diamond Membership - Expert Excellence Council - An exclusive approach to your brand goals and requirements through LIVE group coaching sessions every week, 3 One-on-One sessions with Diya & on-demand 3 months Train The Trainer certification focussing on building you as a powerful personal brand and purposeful leader in your industry. In this membership, you get tailor-made strategies and plans to apply for your brand and special concentration is given to our members to make sure they implement and practice each skill and strategy on the way.
Apart from the 3 memberships, there is One on One Coaching and strategising. More details in the following questions.

2. Who needs your services?
Upcoming, mid-level, and seasoned service professionals, entrepreneurs, trainers, and coaches who are looking to build their presence online as phenomenally prominent leaders in the industry. 

3. How will this help seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs?
If you are a seasoned entrepreneur or professional and you feel you need to enhance your current presence in your industry, my services can help you re-strategise your current presence as per your requirements.

4. What topics are covered in Personal Branding?
 I focus on the hygiene of your content marketing presence as that is what makes your audience know you for what you do. I include topics like confidence building, video content confidence, podcasting, content creation and strategy, online course and program content designing and approach, brand flavour and language, building an online presence, brand storytelling, niche clarity and many more. 

5. Do you design websites, logos, and all the branding?
No, I am not a designer. I give you direction in your approach towards your Brand kit, website and logo to enable you to communicate with your designer on what you want.

6. Where can I find your online courses catalog?
You can find all my courses here - Online Courses

7. How do I get to know more about 1 on 1 coaching?
You can find all the details here - 1 on 1 coaching and you to qualify for a free clarity call, you need to do a quick survey - Let Us Get To Know You

8. If in case I have a specific topic or requirement, how will you help me?
The One-on-one coaching program is tailor-made based on the client's requirements. Based on our first conversation, we work out a plan for you to take things forward.

10. How many sessions do I need to do to get the best from one on one brand strategy program?
Usually, we go ahead with 6 or 10 sessions per client depending on the requirement.

11. How long is each one on one session?
60 mins + up to 15 mins* buffer only if required

12. Are the online courses in video format or a series of PDFs?
All online courses are pre-recorded videos along with templates and exercises to help you take action.

13. Do you have a community or group?
Yes, Design Your Presence™ has a growing community of phenomenal leaders from various industries. We meet every week LIVE for topic specific sessions & Q&A Support. We also maintain an accountability system wherein members pair up to support each other on their brand-building journeys.

14. Can non-techie people join the courses or get coached by you?
Yes! in fact, the courses and programs are designed to simplify the whole idea and purpose behind building your presence as an expert.

15. Once I join the courses or coaching program if I have a doubt how do I reach out to you?
We meet LIVE as a community every month and you can ask me then or you can write to me at We also have a VIP group for members where you can ask your questions.

16. Are the online courses time-bound?
No. Once you pay for the courses, you get lifetime access and you also get lifetime access to masterminds. 

17. If I want to book you for my company's event or a speaking assignment, how do I get in touch with you?
Write to me at or you can also have a look at what I cover here - Speaking Assignments

18. How do I join the online courses?
I conduct masterclasses every month wherein I also share details of the courses. You can join the next masterclass here - Design Your Presence™ Masterclass and get my special offer exclusive for masterclass members only. 

19. How long is the Design Your Presence™ Masterclass?
It is a free 90 Minutes Masterclass that's conceptualised around the need for Personal Branding

20. Is there a way to join your LIVE mastermind calls every week without paying for the courses?
No, the weekly LIVE sessions come along with the courses and it's good to be into the system 100% to get the best of it.

22. If I stop the courses in between due to personal reasons, can I start again when I am able to?
Yes. You can learn flexibly.

23. Do I get a certificate at the end of the online courses?
Yes, you do. And it can be added to your profile, resume, or anywhere on social media for more credibility.

24. How do I pay for any of your services?
After you confirm your participation, I share a payment link with you. The other options are cash, card, or net banking.

25. Do you train and coach people from other countries too?
Yes, I work with people from other countries too. 

26. Do you accept international payments?

27. Do you share an email with details on the one-on-one coaching program post our first call?
Yes, I share an email stating the details, payment method, and overall program outline based on your requirement. Once you accept it, we go ahead with the service.

28. Where and how do you conduct all meetings, coaching, etc?
I meet all my clients on ZOOM.

29. Do you share the recordings of all the one-on-one sessions?
Yes, on request.

30. Do you share recordings of masterminds for paid community members? 
Yes, there is a course called DYP Mastery and Support on teachable. It includes all the recordings of past mastermind calls.