“Are you struggling to build an online presence that creates an impact and gets your more clients?"

My 1 on 1 Signature Coaching Program will set you up to positioning yourself successfully as a reputed leader and trusted expert in the knowledge industry, enabling you to get more clients.

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“ Diya knows the nuances of how to help someone build a complete design sense for themselves, and how to project their personality into their business. The relationship she shares with you, her willingness to be there for you at every step of the way, truly shows that this girl is a class apart.”

– Puja Puneet, Life Coach, Author of “UNLOCKING The Golden Cage”

What is Diya Asrani’s Design Your Presence™ Coaching Program?

Learn how to build your brand presence confidently from one of the leading Personal Branding coaches in India

A 1 on 1 coaching program that is designed to help passionate people like You, build a reputed presence as a trusted coach, consultant, speaker, trainer or content creator in the industry. This program will fuel you up with the confidence to create your personal brand presence around your passion thus enabling you to get more paid clients.

My sessions revolve around compassion, connection and care. I’m all ears to your problems and goals and all in to guide you in the right direction. Zero compromises whatsoever!


Learn how to build your brand presence confidently from one of the leading Personal Branding coaches in India

Is Design Your Presence™ Coaching Program for me?

If you have been dreaming of creating an online presence around your passion and self-expression but somewhat stuck with how to go about it or you have a business already, but you need to figure out how to elevate your overall presence online as a prominent knowledge giver or you are someone who really

needs to figure out the RIGHT approach towards marketing hygienically, then this is for you.

To get more specific, our DYP™ clients are from various parts of the world and they fall under the following categories –


  1. An Ambitious Knowledge giver - trainer, coach, speaker, consultant just starting out.

  2. Service-based professionals like doctors, designers or lawyers who are looking to elevate their presence online.

  3. Knowledge Givers who're currently in business and making a few sales but want to make more.

  4. Entrepreneurs who're great at what they do and are passionate about helping people.

  5. Action Takers who know that scripting ones success in a process and that have to continuously grow the business.

  6. Coaches who want to build a hi-ticket coaching service and understand how to build a system that gets more hi-paid clients.

  7. People who are looking to build an online presence that's evergreen and works while they're asleep.

The DYP Coaching Program is not for you if :

1. You're looking for fast results.

2. Your focus is only on making money fast and you don't have a drive to help people.

3. You aren't sure about what you want to do.

4. You're waiting for the "right time" to start something new.

5. You aren't ready to invest time into building your presence.

6. You're not serious about growing your business to get more clients.

7. You're an established company with no intention of building a presence online as you focus on word-of mouth.

8. You're not ready to put your skin in the game.


How does Design Your Presence™ Coaching Program work?

Learn how to build your brand presence confidently from one of the leading Personal Branding coaches in India

• We’ll start with getting clear on the purpose of what you’re doing, the determination and eagerness to move forward in the journey towards building a presence that is meaningful.

• We’ll go deeper into creating a strategy that will help move ahead in your journey towards building your presence. I ask you questions that will make you think beyond the invisible line.

• At the end of the session, I give you something to work on so that you can implement what has been covered. I also hold you accountable at every step on the way.

• By the end of the program, you will be equipped with the right solutions to help you take things forward as a passionate personal brand and business creator.

• You will also see a new and improved version of yourself, having applied the solutions and strategies on the way.


Learn how to build your brand presence confidently from one of the leading Personal Branding coaches in India

Can you get specific with the outcome of the Design Your Presence™ program?

Yes of course! The outcomes are based on what you want to achieve in the program. 

• Firstly, you’ll be absolutely clear with a strategy to achieve your goal.

• You’ll master the confidence to express yourself better, as an entrepreneur or knowledge giver.

• Build a system to generate more clients. 

• Build an attention grabbing curriculum/service around the problem you are solving.

• Become a confident marketer online even if you're not tech savvy.

• Master a content marketing strategy to sell your services effectively. 


"You can create anything if you are driven to inspire."

Learn how to build your brand presence confidently from one of the leading Personal Branding coaches in India

Are you ready to build an impactful presence online that gets you more clients?


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