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Design Your Personal Brand Presence As A Trusted Expert!

“Your course encapsulates all of the strategies that are required to excel as a budding entrepreneur. From the moment I registered, my learning started.  Your knowledge, integrity and determination to make every entrepreneur their professional best was like a life force that brought out all the good in me. Thank you for showing me how to bring forth my best, for giving me so much more than I expected and for being you – Inspiring, beautiful, excellent and a great coach.”

- Caroline Kumar , Etiquette Coach & Passionate Baker at Liquorice by Caroline

Diya Asrani is personal branding coach helping entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers build their confidence and presence as experts in the industry

hey! I'm


I am a Personal Branding Coach, Entrepreneur & Founder of “Design Your Presence"

I believe that we can use our own passion and self-expression to make the world a better place! When we are driven to make a difference, there is always a way to figure it out.

I'm on a mission to help 100,000 entrepreneurs, trainers and coaches design an IMPACTFUL & PROFITABLE online presence that can get them more clients. I enhance one's personal brand through the right approach to content creation, brand storytelling, hygienic marketing, and overall positioning as a prominent leader in the industry.

Ready to build your reputation as an IMPACTFUL presence in your industry?

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Diya Asrani helps entrepreneurs build their brand through a signature 6 step strategy

So you have a passion and you are stuck in figuring out how to make it a profession and you just don't know where to begin, or you aren't able to get qualified clients to run the business!

I feel you 'cause I've been there too!

And that is why I thought why not help you through my custom made program - Design Your Presence

“Diya is an excellent Personal Branding Coach. She has a holistic approach towards training and coaching and can do wonders when it comes to getting good results. Her own success story is a true example of how we can achieve success against all odds. Her varied industry experience and fabulous public speaking skills will take her a long way in the coaching industry! I wish her all the very best!”

– Kaushik Mahapatra , Founder & CEO – Indian Leadership Academy

'Why not I just sit at home or in bed with a cuppa and slowly and steadily get coached? I can still build my awesome brand!"

Sounds like you?

I offer signature courses that help entrepreneurs and knowledge givers like you to build an evergreen and profitable online presence that works while you sleep. 

Now isn't that nirvana?

“Diya is passionate about her work – whether it is as a Personal Branding coach or mentor. I love how she enjoys helping her clients bring out the very best in themselves. She is the go-to person for anything related to your presence, personal branding and all things that make a. good entrepreneur. Thank you very much Diya. Continue to touch more lives!”

– Preeti S, POSH Enabler | Image Consultant

Loving the idea of "Design Your Presence"?

Me too :)

I enjoy sharing anything to do with personal branding and I am sure your community/company would benefit a lot from it!

So here're a few ways to collaborate - webinars, podcasts, interviews, group coaching, keynotes... and what not! :D 

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